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Mythology Icontest

Tell Me A Story...

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**All times mentioned below are in Eastern Standard Time so there is no confusion**

+ Each week participants will be given a quote, a short myth, or a small sample of a larger work (such as the Iliad) to work from. They are then expected to go forth and create icons based on the theme of the week. Sometimes, we will provide bases or pictures to work from, but mostly participants are free to use whichever pictures work best for them - so long as it pertains back to the myth/theme of the week.

Mod: exit_eternity
Co-Mod: gypsy_owl
Banner Maker: glamourcharm
Banner Maker: iamleaper
1. Icons must relate in some way, shape, or form to the theme of the week. You may interpret the story/myth any way you choose, but your finished icon must reflect it.

2. Icons must be LJ standard: 100x100 and under 40k.

2a. I'm going to go ahead and nix any and all animation. We haven't had any animated entries, but just in case. Not everyone has access to animation programs so the playing field isn't level there.

3. No voting for yourself.

4. Don't pimp out your icon to all your friends and have them come vote for you just because they're your friends. That's cheap and lame and you will be disqualified.
+ Submissions for the week will begin Sunday night at around 10pm when the theme for the week is posted and will last until the following Sunday night at 9pm.

+ Icons should be submitted in the following format in a screened comment on the theme post:

URL: http://www.youriconurl.com

+ Icons submitted after 9pm on Sunday will be disqualified.
+ Submissions will end Sunday night at 9pm. Any submissions after 9pm on Sunday will be disqualified. The voting post will be put up shortly thereafter baring general acts of god(s).

+ Voting will last until Monday night at 9pm. Any votes after 9pm will be discounted.

+ Voting will be done via lj polls. We do have access to who votes for what - so don't vote for yourself!
Challenge #1: Anansi: Submit/Voting/Winners
Challenge #2: Lokasenna: Submit/Voting/Winners
Challenge #3: Mountains: Submit/Voting/Winners
Challenge #4: Hermes's Lyre: Submit/Voting/Winners
Challenge #5: Dadga's Harp: Submit/Voting/Winners
Challenge #6: Foolish Girls: Submit/Voting/Winners
Challenge #7: Amenthe: Submit/Voting/Winners
Challenge #8: Orpheus: Submit/Voting/Winners
Challenge #9: Owl & Rabbit: Submit/Voting/Winners
Challenge #10: Green Man: Submit/Voting/Winners
Challenge #11: Koobor: Submit/Voting/Winners
Challenge #12: Susano: Submit/Voting/Winners
Challenge #13: Hawaii: Submit/Voting/Winners
Challenge #14: Fox and Moon: Submit/Voting/Winners